What is a True NYC Bagel? Find out right here.

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A bagel is a bread product made using the yeasted wheat dough, then rolled into shape by hand into the form of a ring the size of the palm of your hand. After being left to rise for 12 hours, bagels are boiled briefly in water and then baked.

A good bagel will be one that has a slightly chewy, browned exterior with a dense yet soft interior. Bagels are sometimes baked with a light sprinkling of seasonings such as poppy seed, salt, toasted onion, roasted garlic, sesame seeds or ‘everything’ meaning all the ingredients mentioned above.

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Rarely is a bagel eaten without some sort of topping. (Note: A bagel with nothing on it should not cost more than $1.50. Typically, plain bagels are $0.95 to a $1.25. A bagel and cream cheese will be about $3.00).

Traditionally, NYC Bagels are served as a sandwich topped with cream cheese, butter, lox (smoked salmon), tuna salad, even peanut butter, and jelly. Pretty much anything goes. Just be careful to mix and match your flavors well.

For the ultimate NYC bagel experience, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a bagel with cream cheese, covered with lox (smoked salmon), thin sliced onions and tomato and a few capers.

Tip: Bagel shops often put a HUGE amount of cream cheese on bagels, more than most people can eat. Feel free to ask for a medium amount of cream cheese, better known by New Yorkers as “schmear.”

If your ready for your NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop Experience and try one our delicious bagels stop in today.

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